A History of Innovation

World Class Manufacturing - The Fountainhead Group - DB Smith - 125 Years. Est. 1888.

The Leading Innovator in Liquid Applicator
Technologies for 125 Years!

Ever since we introduced the first compressed air sprayer in 1888, we've dedicated ourselves to creating products that make consumers' lives easier. Over the years, we've continued to build our legacy as the innovation leader in liquid applicator technologies with numerous category leading introductions.

Today, we're proud to offer only the highest quality pump sprayers, backpack sprayers, mosquito foggers and more for home and professional use. Our sprayers are sold under the Roundup, D.B. Smith, Field King and Indian brands, while our foggers are sold under the Black Flag, Burgess, Cutter and Repel brands.

Our vision is simple: the best performance for your money. That's kept us on top for 125 years... and we're as confident as ever in the future. We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you for the next 125 years!

What sets us apart?

We invest our time and resources in meaningful, customer driven innovation.

We are singularly focused on one goal: creating superior indoor/outdoor liquid applicator solutions for large areas at the lowest possible cost.

We design & manufacture all of our products, with capabilities in blow molding, injection molding, and assembly.

A Tradition of Innovation

First Compressed Air Sprayer
First complete line of pump sprayers in the USA
Invented the "Indian Fire Pump"
First lever operated backpack sprayer
First propane thermal fogger
First plastic pressure sprayer in the USA
First low/high volume backpack sprayer
First foaming nozzle for the consumer market
First bladder sprayer (EZ Pump)
Pump 'n Go #1 "non-trigger" Ready-To-Use Applicator
New, Patented Internal Pump Backpack Sprayer