Roundup Multi-Use Backpack Sprayer

Item# 190314


  • Roundup Professional brings to market a new standard of comfort, quality, and design.
  • "No Leak" internal pump keeps your back dry.
  • Free spray optimizer - sprays at a continuous 25 PSI.
  • Adjustable padded straps and waist belt.
  • Shutoff with comfort grip and inline filter.
  • Built in lumbar support for greater comfort.
  • Viton seals and gaskets for increased durability.
  • 3 nozzle system for precision application.


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    Tank Capacity (Gallons) 4   Nozzles Poly Adjustable, 2 Flat Fans & Foaming
    Tank S-1   Hose (Inches) 9/16"x50" Reinforced
    Shut-off Smith Pro II   Warranty 5 Year
    Extension (Inches) 21" Poly      


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      4 Gal Roundup Multi-Use Backpack Sprayer 190314 Purchase Replacement Parts

          Sprayer will not build pressure.
          (show answer)

          1. Piston Seal (#21) on pump piston is worn or damaged.
          ....Replace Piston Seal (#21).

          2. Pump Cylinder Washer (#17) may be dirty or damaged.
          ....Flush pump with clean water to remove any debris from the Pump Cylinder Washer or replace.

          Sprayer leaks from the bottom of tank.
          (show answer)

          1. Piston Seal may be worn or damaged.
          ....Inspect and lubricate Piston Seal(#21). If damaged, replace.

          2. Damaged or worn O-Ring(s).
          ....Lubricate or replace O-Ring(s).

          Sprayer will not spray.
          (show answer)

          1. Shut-Off Nozzle is clogged.
          ....Clean Shut-Off or Nozzle as described in Maintenance Section.

          Pump handle is difficult to operate.
          (show answer)

          1. Swollen or damaged Piston Seal(#21).
          ....Clean and lubricate Piston Seal and Pump Cylinder(#14) with petroleum jelly or replace.

          2. Dirty drive rod Bushing (#22).
          ....Lubricate Bushing with petroleum jelly.

          Sprayer builds too much resistance after just a few pump strokes and only maintains pressure briefly.
          (show answer)

          1. Little to no air in the Pressure Cylinder (#5).
          ....Drain Pressure Cylinder by disconnecting Shut-Off Hose.

          Increased resistance when pulling pump handle up or handle moves down on its own.
          (show answer)

          1. Pump cylinder washer (#17) is sticking.
          ....Clean or replace pump cylinder washer.

          2. Check valve (#36) hole is clogged.
          ....Clean check valve (#36).

          3. Filter in pressure cylinder is clogged.
          ....Clean permanent filter within pressure cylinder (#5).

          Title Description Date File Size  
          User Manual Backpack Roundup Multi-Use 1/2013 4.4 MB Download
          Warranty 5 Year Warranty Information 4/2012 596.1 KB Download

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